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What is a Free Zone Frontier? You enter into a Free Zone when you increasingly create unique collaborative possibilities and payoffs that are amazingly free of competition. Join Dan Sullivan and Steve Krein as they launch the Free Zone Frontier to explain the concepts as they relate to their own companies, and how this transformative mindset is the future of entrepreneurial growth.


Why Total Cash Confidence Is Crucial with Lee Richter

Jul 8, 2020

Worrying about cash flow is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs hold themselves back from exciting opportunities. In this episode, Dan Sullivan, Steve Krein, and Lee Richter explain how having total cash confidence means you can engage in the best and most profitable collaborations and projects.

Duration 0:30:45

A Community Of Sharing Solutions

Jun 9, 2020

Most entrepreneurs choose to operate alone, and while they can still be successful, there are dangers that come with isolation. What if there were a better way? Dan Sullivan and Steve Krein discuss why it’s critical to be part of a community, and how it’s vital that everyone involved has the right mindset to move forward fearlessly during good times and bad.

Duration 0:17:19

What Entrepreneurs Can Do Right Now • Part 2

Apr 20, 2020

During “scary times,” entrepreneurs can be among the most effective, positive contributors. Dan Sullivan and Steve Krein continue offering strategies, including forgetting about what’s missing and focusing on what’s available. There will be a period after this in which the general public will be more thankful, and complain and criticize less. It’s good for morale to have tangible proof that productive work is getting done every day.

Duration 0:40:03

What Entrepreneurs Can Do Right Now • Part 1

Mar 27, 2020

While many people in the world are isolating themselves and being alone with their own fears, a lot of entrepreneurs want to help but aren’t sure what they can do. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Steve Krein provide a list of strategies for being useful in a time of crisis.

Duration 0:49:26

What’s Your Focus For Exponential Growth?

Mar 17, 2020

What tools do the biggest companies in the world use? You might be surprised to learn that they’re the same tools they used at the very beginning. In this episode, Dan and Steve explain how the farthest-reaching and most profitable companies have found success by staying focused and eliminating as much complexity as possible.

Duration 0:28:23

Join A New Dimension Of Entrepreneurs

Feb 13, 2020

Every entrepreneur would be happier without competition in their life, but you have to make the choice to stop competing. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Steve Krein explain how to focus on unique value creation and collaborations instead of paying attention to what your competitors are doing.

Duration 0:33:29

What Makes For The Right Collaborator with Kevin Brady

Jan 15, 2020

If you’re an entrepreneur with a big vision who never wants to stop growing, there are steps to getting there and certain mindsets that you need to have. In this episode, Dan Sullivan, Steve Krein, and Kevin Brady talk about cash confidence, recognizing your role, and entering into collaborations with the right kind of people.

Duration 0:43:10

Why Health Care Needs Collaborative Innovation with Kevin Brady

Dec 17, 2019

There’s a lot of improvement that can be made in the health care industry, but it’s not going to happen by itself. In this episode, Dan Sullivan, Steve Krein, and Kevin Brady explain how certain kinds of collaboration are necessary and give examples of how such collaboration is leading to huge improvements and benefits.

Duration 0:25:21

Play The Long Game To Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Nov 12, 2019

Many entrepreneurs only look so far ahead, which limits what they can envision achieving. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Steve Krein explain how having a bigger framework can lead to bigger success and collaborations.

Duration 0:36:14

The Story Behind A “Global Army” Of Entrepreneurs

Oct 18, 2019

Like many fields, health care often involves entrepreneurs working independently, but StartUp Health is different. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Steve Krein discuss how the supportive, ambitious, global community was created, and how it operates.

Duration 0:37:02

Launching The Free Zone Frontier

Sep 20, 2019

From The Game Changer, to Free Zone Frontier.
The essence of a “Free Zone”—a brand new realm of value creation where there is no competition. This idea of forging ahead into new, competition-free “frontiers” has become the foundation of the program, and unlike “Game Changer” which has become a ubiquitous term on many different fronts, is unique and particular to the experience of entrepreneurs.

Duration 0:31:12

Episode 19: Total Creative Economic Integrator • Part 2

Jul 16, 2019

It can be tempting for an entrepreneur to try and make a profit from every opportunity available, but doing that can distract you from your strongest revenue source and even weaken the company overall. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Steve Krein explain how entrepreneurs will benefit from staying committed to their own business model.

Duration 0:32:26

Episode 18: Total Creative Economic Integrator • Part 1

Jun 11, 2019

Crossing boundaries: The ability to cross boundaries can make someone a game changer.
Thinking outside the box: If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve likely always thought outside the box.

Duration 0:32:30

Episode 17: 100x Vision

May 8, 2019

Overburdened: You can’t think far or even near into the future if you’re overburdened by day-to-day demands.
Cash flow: In order to take your time and create something much bigger, you need to have a system in place that guarantees cash flow.

Duration 0:30:33

Episode 16: Ambition Scorecard

Apr 24, 2019

Coachability: You have to be self-aware in order to be coachable.
Know your abilities: Part of being self-aware involves knowing where your abilities start and stop, and so being open to collaborating with other people’s abilities.

Duration 0:20:39

Episode 15: Confidently Ambitious

Apr 11, 2019

Always obvious: How confident you are or aren’t is always obvious in your communication with other people.
Lacking confidence: When you’ve given way to others’ skepticism and you’re no longer sold yourself on what you’re talking about, your lack of confidence and seeming lack of ambition reject all of the elements of what would attract people to you.

Duration 0:22:07

Episode 14: Quarterly Reflections

Apr 1, 2019

Every 90 days: If you take the time to step back and reflect once every quarter, it keeps you from getting too far down the wrong track.
Connecting innovations: Sometimes, a major innovation can come from connecting two other innovations.

Duration 0:37:13

Episode 13 - Questions

Mar 8, 2019

Scorecards: Scorecards can provide a crucial kind of screening without your needing to waste time or your company’s resources.
Falling out: Everyone sometimes falls out of the “transformational zone,” and the question is how quickly you can get back into it.

Duration 0:51:54

Episode 12: Vatican & Game Changing

Feb 20, 2019

Easier than ever: There’s been collaboration throughout history, but technology has made it easier than ever to collaborate with people all around the world.
Your own game: Creating your own game and not trying to fit into anyone else’s gives you a freedom that will open up a whole host of other things.

Duration 0:40:53

Episode 11: Capabilties

Feb 6, 2019

Capabilities focus: If you can think past someone’s business and just assess what their capabilities are, you can see how in applying some of those capabilities or collaborating with those people, your own capabilities can jump.

Duration 0:57:40

Episode 10: Confidence & Cash

Nov 1, 2018

Future commitment: Commitment means that you have a mental vision of the future that’s bigger and better in some way than anything you’re doing now, and you buy into this vision emotionally and intellectually.

Duration 0:40:13

Episode 9: 100x Collaborators

Oct 17, 2018

Uniquely capable company: You have to have a very clear idea of how your company is uniquely capable in the marketplace in relationship to other entrepreneurs.
Wills and won’ts: You should be clear right off the bat about things you’re willing to do and things you aren’t. Your values and principles hold you together as an individual and as a company.

Duration 0:42:21

Episode 8: Credibility

Oct 3, 2018

Credibility grows: If something grows in the marketplace, it’s because there’s credibility involved.
Years and moments: It can take many years to build up your credibility, but only moments for it to be destroyed.

Duration 0:36:06

Episode 7: Recap

Feb 13, 2018

Content differentiates: Content represents the idea that you can differentiate yourself from everyone else by sharing what you believe or what you think.
Thought leadership: Everything you put out gives people a sense of who you are, and thought leadership exists in everything you create or put out.

Duration 0:33:02

Episode 6: Connections

Feb 13, 2018

Importance of credibility: If something grows in the marketplace, it’s because there’s a credibility factor involved. Your reputation, the success of what you do, who you help, and what you make an impact on are more important than ever.

Duration 0:37:46

Episode 5: Content

Feb 13, 2018

Create content: If you’re going to be a Game Changer, you have to create content. Content represents the idea that you can differentiate yourself by sharing with everybody what you believe or what you think.

Duration 0:46:12

Episode 4: Collaboration

Feb 13, 2018

Age of collaboration: We’re in an age of collaboration that’s never been possible or understood before.
Bigger through collaboration: Recognize that you can’t do it alone. And why would you want to do it alone if you can do something much bigger with someone else in a way that neither of you could do on your own?

Duration 0:38:12

Episode 3: Capabilities+Collaboration

Feb 13, 2018

Not alone: You can’t do everything yourself. You need to develop a whole team or relationships that open up to creating the capabilities you need to build your organization.

Duration 0:33:52

Episode 2: Capabilities

Feb 7, 2018

Start with technologies: For Game Changers, it starts with, “What are the technologies or the tools you need to use?” Some have been invented, some need to be invented, and some will combine in a way that’s never been done before.

Duration 0:36:00

Episode 1: Intro & Overview

Feb 7, 2018

What’s a Game Changer?: The term dates back to around the 1970s in the sports world and referred to someone with a set of skills that has never been seen before. The game suddenly has to be played differently because this person came into it.

Duration 0:27:28