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Podcast Payoffs takes the listener behind the thinking and doing of podcasting as a powerful marketing and coaching platform. Successful entrepreneurs will learn what it takes to master this expanding and valuable capability.


Facebook Live Rewind

Sep 30, 2019

In this episode, Dan and Gord share their recent Facebook Live broadcast in podcast form! Learn some key insights on how to get started in podcasting, and also how to keep the momentum going once you have. Gord shares the top spots to feature your new show, and Dan explains how to plan for a foolproof broadcast with anyone you’d like. Join us to find out how we do it at Strategic Coach!

Duration 0:25:28

So Relevant, They Can't Resist You

Aug 28, 2019

The top skill to have for great interviews and even better conversations has nothing to do with what’s coming out of your mouth. And it’s no secret that to be interesting, you have to be interested. Dan and Gord share how focusing on their answers rather than your questions will lead people back to you again and again. How can giving away your content for free lead to bigger growth and soaring profits? It all comes down to one simple reaction. Join us to find out what that is!

Duration 0:25:31

That Fruit Is Poison (And Other Useful Stories)

Jul 18, 2019

Humans crave stories—not only for entertainment, but also to stay alive. Dan and Gord discuss how this tradition evolved from our earliest ancestors and why storytelling is the most important skill to master when conveying your message or convincing a crowd. Facts and figures are fine, but no one can resist an amazing story. Join us to learn how your audience grows when you allow your guests to shine.

Duration 0:22:25

A Simple Plan For A Perfect Launch

Jun 19, 2019

Dan and Gord share the structure to answer the most important questions before launching your own show: How do you pick the right partner? How can you build a logical flow? What’s the most important detail that separates success from failure when you’re trying to be heard in a sea of noise? Join us to find out!

Duration 0:23:43

First Framework

May 31, 2019

In the first episode of Podcast Payoffs, hosts Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman outline the history and strategy behind podcasting as a powerful platform. Podcasting has grown to become an exponential tool to build trust and share your story around the globe to a loyal audience. Dan and Gord also share an outline on how Podcast Payoffs will help you become a better speaker, listener, and coach to your prospects and clients.

Duration 0:32:37