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Podcast Payoffs takes the listener behind the thinking and doing of podcasting as a powerful marketing and coaching platform. Successful entrepreneurs will learn what it takes to master this expanding and valuable capability.


Our Future Is Friendly

Jul 8, 2020

Some believe that we’re only getting smarter, but intelligence is relative to the era you’re living in. Great innovators were just as capable 1,000 years ago as they are today. Jumps in technology are relative too, since the newly invented radio once freaked people out just as much as the holograms of today. We’re on the cusp of another big shift in how digital lets us think, work, and play. It’s the greatest time in history for self-directed learning that’s online, easy to find, and totally free!

Duration 0:28:08

The Medium Is Not The Message

Jun 4, 2020

This episode is all about the future post-virus, and the incredible new things the lockdown forced creators to build and improve. It has never been easier to bring a product, service, or SaaS to market. You won’t need much skin in the game. If you fail, it might cost you one Saturday afternoon. We’re entering a time when privacy will come storming back. Virtual, vibrant, and engaged communities are popping up everywhere. Find one and dive in!

Duration 0:20:59

The Great Accelerator

Apr 29, 2020

For the first time in modern history, the whole world has a common enemy. As the virus spread and teams were forced to work remotely, Dan realized that we’ll be five years ahead in our digital capabilities. Even better, we’ll carry this forward into the workplace once the new normal unfolds. Gord explains how Strategic Coach transitioned to a fully remote production team while tripling output, and offers advice on how to stay productive by subtracting something you might not expect. Dan and Gord share why the message is the leader, and technology only supports.

Duration 0:23:44

Simplify To Multiply

Feb 28, 2020

The latest Coach concept could change the way you work forever. Are you a Simplifier or a Multiplier? Entrepreneurs will naturally engage with one role or the other. In this episode, Dan and Gord explain how choosing your side leads to an awesome structure to your podcast. Gord pulls back the curtain to show how the best radio programs spend their time and how to carry this strategy into a killer performance. Dan shares how his concept can apply to any relationship, and how the biggest brands on earth figured it out to beat the competition.

Duration 0:21:11

Flawless Habits In A Digital Age

Jan 31, 2020

What habits can you develop to handle the details so you only focus on a bigger future? Dan and Gord explore the growth of Coach through the clustering of messages using podcasts. Why didn’t this work the first time entrepreneurs tried? Gord explains how they went wrong and how they fixed it. Circling back to habits, Dan shares his top three that don’t get talked about nearly enough, and why disappearing when everyone is begging for attention is critical to his success. A whole lotta love for Chris Voss, author of “Never Split The Difference” in this episode. We can’t teach you how to hypnotize, but a few simple words could be the next best thing.

Duration 0:28:22

It's A Brand New Tuxedo

Dec 30, 2019

Editing your podcast means you can mess up, fall down, and then try again. Your audience knows this, so they’re demanding more value from the time you’ve been gifted. In this episode, Dan introduces his idea of the TargetCast and explains the most important conversation you’re probably not having yet. If your show is off to a slow start, Gord explains why that might be and how to reframe your thinking to fix it. Maybe you just need to fix your wardrobe? After all, we’re growing tired of phony things so when the phone starts ringing, you better be there to answer.

Duration 0:22:07

Billion Dollar Babies

Nov 30, 2019

More than half of us trust a podcast to find the product or service we need over every other medium. Why? The old ways were time-wasters, but when people come to you, you become the buyer. Standards are attractive, and we just can’t resist someone who’s not afraid to walk away. Want proof? Dan explains how his client got a billion dollar check with this mindset shift. How can you take the first step for yourself? Build yourself a pirate ship and find one true fan. The rest comes naturally, and we’ll explain in this episode!

Duration 0:24:03

Animals Not Included

Oct 31, 2019

Let’s circle back to some juicy questions from the Facebook Live broadcast. Dan explains how he switches gears when hosting with Joe Polish or Peter Diamandis, to his solo shows where asking questions beats giving answers. If your industry is regulated to the moon, learn how to podcast with confidence and keep yourself out of trouble. If you do get complaints, Gord explains how to navigate around them and keep the peace. What happened when Gord’s radio show helped stray cats find homes? Everyone was thrilled, with one exception. Give this show a spin and you might never lose an argument again!

Duration 0:23:57

Facebook Live Rewind

Sep 30, 2019

If you missed the recent Facebook Live broadcast, catch it here in podcast form! Learn some key insights on how to get started in podcasting, and also how to keep the momentum going once you have. Gord shares the top spots to feature your new show, and Dan explains how to plan for a foolproof broadcast with anyone you’d like. Join us to find out how we do it at Strategic Coach!

Duration 0:25:28

So Relevant, They Can't Resist You

Aug 28, 2019

The top skill to have for great interviews and even better conversations has nothing to do with what’s coming out of your mouth. And it’s no secret that to be interesting, you have to be interested. Dan and Gord share how focusing on their answers rather than your questions will lead people back to you again and again. How can giving away your content for free lead to bigger growth and soaring profits? It all comes down to one simple reaction. Join us to find out what that is!

Duration 0:25:31

That Fruit Is Poison (And Other Useful Stories)

Jul 18, 2019

Humans crave stories—not only for entertainment, but also to stay alive. Dan and Gord discuss how this tradition evolved from our earliest ancestors and why storytelling is the most important skill to master when conveying your message or convincing a crowd. Facts and figures are fine, but no one can resist an amazing story. Join us to learn how your audience grows when you allow your guests to shine.

Duration 0:22:25

Plan For A Perfect Launch

Jun 19, 2019

Join Dan and Gord to learn the structure that answers the most important questions before launching your own show: How do you pick the right partner? How can you build a logical flow? What’s the most important detail that separates success from failure when you’re trying to be heard in a sea of noise? Join us to find out!

Duration 0:23:43

First Framework

May 31, 2019

In the first episode of Podcast Payoffs, hosts Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman outline the history and strategy behind podcasting as a powerful platform. Podcasting has grown to become an exponential tool to build trust and share your story around the globe to a loyal audience. Dan and Gord also share an outline on how Podcast Payoffs will help you become a better speaker, listener, and coach to your prospects and clients.

Duration 0:32:37