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“WhoNotHow” is Dan Sullivan’s single formula for achieving bigger goals through accelerated teamwork. In this podcast series, Dan and Ben Hardy, author of Willpower Doesn’t Work, discuss the fundamentals.


What You Need To Play The Biggest Game

Oct 15, 2019

Collaborating with other entrepreneurs is vital to getting the biggest payoffs, but not everyone is a suitable collaborator. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy explain what’s needed for true collaboration and share their own examples.

Duration 0:26:30

How To Be A Hero By Bringing Others Into Your World

Sep 3, 2019

Most entrepreneurs feel that they have to either do all of the work themselves, including the stuff they hate doing, or else go through the work of delegating unwanted activities to others who’ll resent them for it. But there’s another, better way to go about freeing yourself up to focus on doing only the activities you love and are good at. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy talk about bringing people into your world to do things they love and are skilled at and how that will both benefit your vision and make you a hero to others.

Duration 0:28:01

How To Get Over Your Fears And Let Others Do The Work

Aug 1, 2019

It can be scary to let others work toward your vision, but in this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy explain how it will save you more than money.

Duration 0:23:49

Transforming Yourself Through Collaboration

Jun 14, 2019

The academic world teaches us to do everything ourselves, but in the marketplace, collaboration can be key to getting big things done. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy share the question you should be asking yourself every time you have a big new ambition.

Duration 0:39:55