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“WhoNotHow” is Dan Sullivan’s single formula for achieving bigger goals through accelerated teamwork. In this podcast series, Dan and Ben Hardy, author of Willpower Doesn’t Work, discuss the fundamentals.


Why Collaborators Own The Future

Jul 1, 2020

Many entrepreneurs still subscribe to the idea of doing everything themselves, but the ones who engage in the best kinds of collaboration are passing them by. Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy explain how you can achieve greater success by doing less work, and how everyone you work with experiences transformative growth when you operate in this unique way.

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Duration 0:31:28

Trusting In Your Uniqueness Leads To Greater Success

Jun 3, 2020

School taught us to do everything ourselves, but that’s not the best way to get things done. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy talk about how success will come for entrepreneurs who focus on unique capabilities and collaboration.

Duration 0:33:38

Why Entrepreneurs Need To Give Up Control

May 4, 2020

If entrepreneurs won’t let anyone else work toward their goals, it might be that the vision needs to be changed in order to be attainable. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy explain how for the best results, collaboration is what makes it all possible.

Duration 0:47:53

The Collaboration Mindsets You Need To Succeed

Apr 3, 2020

Every entrepreneur has vision and ambition, but it’s impossible for them to reach their goals and make the most of their capabilities if they try to get it all done themselves. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy talk about the benefits that come from giving up control and allowing others to contribute their strongest capabilities to your project, as well as the attitudes you need to engage in the strongest types of collaboration.

Duration 0:44:29

Are You A Simplifier Or A Multiplier?

Feb 13, 2020

Simplifying and multiplying are both necessary for great entrepreneurial success, but every entrepreneur is better at, and happier doing, one or the other. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy explain how to recognize what kind of entrepreneur you are and how to engage in the best types of collaborations—ones in which you stick to your strengths and trust that the rest will get done by others sticking to their own strengths.

Duration 0:49:26

Why It’s Better To Find Someone Else To Work Toward Your Goals

Jan 15, 2020

Many entrepreneurs think they need to have every skill that their goals require in order to achieve them—but this is holding them back. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy explain, with examples, how entrepreneurs can achieve bigger goals, gain bigger freedom for themselves, and simplify complex situations by sticking to doing only the “what” and the “why,” not the “how.”

Duration 0:36:50

Why Many Entrepreneurs Don’t Reach Their Full Potential

Dec 17, 2019

Many people aren’t living to their full potential because their ambitions, progress, creativity, and imaginations are being stopped short by the belief that they need to do everything themselves. But while skills can be replaced, vision can’t. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy explain the approach and mindset to adopt in order to get the biggest results on any project and in any kind of company.

Duration 0:39:38

Your Biggest Goals Lead To Your Best Collaborations

Nov 18, 2019

One of the obstacles that comes up when you have big goals is that getting from here to there requires capabilities you don’t currently have. This can be such a negative experience that some entrepreneurs choose to stop having big goals to avoid that obstacle altogether. But how you view your future self has a major effect on how you live your life, and there’s a better way to go about achieving that vision than taking it all on yourself. Find people who have the unique capabilities needed to achieve your goals, and share with them your emotional and intellectual engagement. Not only will you and your collaborators make easier progress than you would alone, there will be unexpected benefits along the way. Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy are taking this “WhoNotHow” approach to create a major market book. In this episode, they’ll explain how the idea was born.

Duration 0:36:27

What You Need To Play The Biggest Game

Oct 15, 2019

Collaborating with other entrepreneurs is vital to getting the biggest payoffs, but not everyone is a suitable collaborator. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy explain what’s needed for true collaboration and share their own examples.

Duration 0:26:30

How To Be A Hero By Bringing Others Into Your World

Sep 3, 2019

Most entrepreneurs feel that they have to either do all of the work themselves, including the stuff they hate doing, or else go through the work of delegating unwanted activities to others who’ll resent them for it. But there’s another, better way to go about freeing yourself up to focus on doing only the activities you love and are good at. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy talk about bringing people into your world to do things they love and are skilled at and how that will both benefit your vision and make you a hero to others.

Duration 0:28:01

How To Get Over Your Fears And Let Others Do The Work

Aug 1, 2019

It can be scary to let others work toward your vision, but in this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy explain how it will save you more than money.

Duration 0:23:49

Transforming Yourself Through Collaboration

Jun 14, 2019

The academic world teaches us to do everything ourselves, but in the marketplace, collaboration can be key to getting big things done. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy share the question you should be asking yourself every time you have a big new ambition.

Duration 0:39:55